Join in on the fun with My OREO Flavor Creation: Circus Peanut OREO

My OREO Flavor Creation is inspired by my childhood and what has been my favorite candy for decades, there's nothing better than a circus peanut, I can't remember at what age I finally realized that they weren't actually peanuts, it was probably around age 12. But it wasn't until this year that I was told what the actual flavor of a circus peanut is, and from what I was told, it's banana. I'm really on the fence about that, so I'll stick with calling them "circus peanut flavor". 

Then during 2006 while I was pregnant with my youngest child, I discovered Golden OREO Cookies. I won't even begin to guess how many packages of cookie I ate that summer and from that my OREO Flavor Creation was born.

Fast forward almost 11 years from eating my first Golden OREO Cookies and it's time to celebrate again!

Joining the circus was something I dreamt about as a kid, so why not make it a reality and have our very own backyard three ring circus with all our friends!

What's your OREO Cookie creation

Make your very own flavor creation and share to have a chance to win with My OREO Creation Contest:
 You could WIN $500,000 and have your creation in stores all across the U.S.
No PURCH NEC. 50 US/D.C./PR 18+. 
Enter by: 7/14/17.


  1. In my opinion, Oreo is the only company that have the best choice not only related with cookies, but cakes that can be served at birthday parties.
    Emma Charlotte |

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  3. I spent most of my childhood not knowing what those circus peanut candies were! I love this flavor idea and your photos really take me to the circus :) love it!!


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