Back to School with SMILES

Only a few more weeks of lazy summer mornings and beach time. How on earth will I get 4 kids to 4 different schools through all the rain and mud puddles? School lunches, snacks and homework? Sometimes it feels less like juggling and more like I'm jumping through hoops to get everything done.  Usually after the first month the kids settle into their own routines to get all their schoolwork done. At least will still have our evenings together, helps to get out all the extra energy out. 

There will always be time to spend on our love of hula hooping and sunsets at the bay and enjoy family fun time!!

Watching them all play together always brings a smile to my face, and to keep up there smiles throughout the long school day, I like to add
 Goldfish® Snacks into the lunch boxes.

Since this year I will officially have 3 teenagers in the house, they now like to pack their own lunches and it usually includes extra Goldfish® Snacks to share with all their friends.

Find more inspiration on the Goldfish Youtube Channel HERE.


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  2. Such a beautiful and inspiring family glued together with love and passion. I can literally fel the good vibes, energy over here and the care you put into their lives. The snack idea is great making my stomach growl. Lots of love.

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