Southern Style: Country Time Orange Lemonade Twist

Summertime here is so wonderful, a gentle breeze coming of the water, the kids are enjoying all the free time, and it's great to sit out in the yard with a tall glass of our favorite COUNTRY TIME Lemonade in the evening, after a short bicycle ride up to our local Walmart to grab the ingredients needed, and a few minutes in the kitchen to prepare the drinks, we were ready to watch the sunset over the bay.

COUNTRY TIME Orange Lemonade Twist

COUNTRY TIME Lemonade Flavor Drink Mix
2 Cups Cold Water
2 Cups Cold Orange Juice
1 Bottle Cold ginger ale


Simply grab and mix the ingredients from the recipe at

Since we love our Sweet Tea here in the south I added a little more twist to our Country Time Orange Lemonade Twist:

1 Dozen Frozen Ice Tea Ice Cubes
2 oranges sliced
Mint Leaves

Walmart has everything we needed to coordinate our drink with my daughter's citrus themed outfit, totally unintentional, but adorable!

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  1. Wow. Having this orange twist, I believe, will boost energy of your body and you can have something better to drink. Thanks for sharing complete details about it.
    Emma Charlotte |


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