Delicious Drink Recipes with Gevalia Cold Brew Concentrate!

On a hot summer day here in the south, I want nothing more than a tall glass of something cold, and as a avid coffee drinker, Gevalia Cold Brew Concentrate makes it easy. I love creating fun new ways to have my coffee and stay cool, Alabama summers for lack of any other word, HOT! But my coffee doesn't have to be!

My go too sweet treat favorite when I'm in the mood to pamper myself, I love mixing my Gevalia Cold Brew Concentrate with more than my usual.

Caramel Cookies and Cream Cold Brew Milk Shake


4 Scoops Caramel Cookie Crunch Gelato

1 cup Coconut milk


Crumbled Caramel Creme Cookies

1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream

1/8 Cup Powdered Sugar

In a blender as the milk, Gevalia Cold Brew Concentrate and gelato, mix until well blended. The pour in to glass, hand mix the sugar and heavy whipping cream, top the drink with it, then add your crushed up cookies and enjoy!

Here's my simple but delicious everyday coffee at home, I simply mix my Gevalia Cold Brew Concentrate with a few ingredients to make the perfect drink:

Cold Brew on Ice


Gevalia Cold Brew Concentrate House Blend
(I mix as directed 1 part water and 1 part Gevalia Cold Brew Concentrate)

3 Frozen Cold Brew Ice Cubes


I found my favorites in the coffee aisle at Walmart, looking forward to a refreshing summer!


  1. Looks like a refreshing milk drink for my children who stay away from dairy products. Thank you. I would make these chilled adding crushed ice in the blender.

  2. the only time I get excited about food is when there's a hot plate of something I love sitting in front of me. TastyKeto


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