School Memories and Photo Overload with Make My Book

Our latest Shutterfly photo book came in the mail! This is the biggest one yet, 45 glorious pages of color photos. I never get my kids yearbooks since I had taken a lot of photos being classroom photographer for both of my elementary age kids. But the beauty was in seeing all their school friends in on place and preserving the memories which are so very important. So I decided to make our own yearbook (I'm bias but it's probably way better than the school issued one), this one is filled with only images of my kids classroom pals, field trips and holiday activities. It has pages upon pages of fun and friends!

The hardest part of this whole thing was remembering my Shutterfly password, using, I create a photo book through the Make My Book Service , I couldn't believe how easy it was, saved me so much time I don't have to spare, and out came a professional quality photo book!
This is awesome foe anyone and could be a gift for someone or just treat to yourself, mine was a surprise for my kids

I've already blabbed about how awesome and easy the Make My Book™ process was, their photo placement and layouts were near perfect, edited out a few photos and only made minor adjustment to make a picture perfect book!

They're starting to stack up! I just love looking through each books and sharing them with our guests, isn't that what everyone wants to do?! How many have you made? I have a friend with 15 Shutterfly photo books, makes my 4 books look a little lonely in comparison.

So many silly memories all wrapped up in one pretty package!

 Make My Book Service, was so quick I received my book in 3 days!! 

 I’m was so excited to have a professional designer make a beautiful book for me after years of trying to lay them out myself, like me most moms struggle to find time to sleep and eat let alone try and layout a 200+ images in a 45 page photo book like mine.


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