Organic Bunny Smores Treat Bars

If bunnies weren't cute enough, food shaped like bunnies are just ridiculously adorable. That's just one of the reasons we love Annie’s products, another being
free of artificially flavors and dyes, Annie’s certified organic products are helping us de-junk our kitchen and still have fun yummy treats for their school lunch.

Fresh batch of yummy, gooey, Bunny Smores Bars ready for the taking. The kids love eating these with a cool glass of milk,  it's the modern version of a bowl of cereal perfect for breakfast, or eating around the campfire.

Cuteness overload, Arrow, Watson and Jelly making another appearance on our blog.

So I'm wondering if they think we can't notice them amongst the Annie's bunny snacks? Oh our kitchen is never with a few lops hopping around at my feet while I'm cooking dinner or packing the kids school lunches.

Heat the coconut oil and marshmallows in the microwave or on the stove top until melted, stir in Annie's cocoa bunnies cereal, rice crispies and 3 ounces of the Annie's bunny grahams until evenly mixed. Let cool and harden, then cut into rectangles of desired size. Next melt the chocolate chips in a large bowl for dipping, finely crush up the remaining bunny grahams. Dip the bunny treat bars into the melted chocolate, then into the graham cracker bits, place dipped side up to cool. Then serve.

(sorry, Annie's Bunny products are for humans only!)

Where'd every bunny go? 
Silly little Watson has a sweet tooth and is always looking for treats, he'll need to stick with his usual carrot, apples and kale, while we enjoy one of the new Annie's Bunny Cereal!

Check out the Annie's bunny video, it is absolutely adorable! Our buns would love to hop all over the grocery store, they have big appetites!

Thank you to Annie’s Homegrown for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try their delicious products!


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