Happy Birth Day!

This was a big deal, number 10.

I love planning parties and this year it was going to be a surprise party! I had it all set up, she wanted a stage and performances, huge cake and friends and it was on, then it wasn't, at the last minute I had to change from a surprise party to??? I had no ideas, no options that didn't involve extra money I just don't have right now and I still wanted it to be epic.

I was up late one night frantically looking through Pinterest and I had nothing. I couldn't believe how many years had since she was a baby and I really need to make it special. Little E had never seen a newborn baby or visited a hospital nursery, that was it! I kept it a secret and her sisters helped with the plans, making birth day cards and we all picked out the baby gifts. We arrived at the hospital the same time I did the day she was born, she questioned why we were here. It wasn't until we rode the elevator up with a new mom who had just given birth to twin boys, and had Little E give one of the gift bags to her, she finally realizing what was going on, the mom and family members thank her for being so sweet and she smile back.

The kids looked into the nursery as the new babies and the nurses tending to a little girl. How could it be that 10 years ago she was that little baby girl? It was also the last time I had been at the maternity wing. We then stopped in at the nurses station and gave the remaining gift to then for the other expectant newborn babies that will share Little E's birthday.

She said it was the best birthday she'd ever had, so glad our plans changed. It turned out better than a any party, it was a memory she will cherish for many birthdays to come.


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