Schools hold a lot more than books, they hold memories and years of friendship. We stopped by their old school yesterday, it's been closed now for about 5 years, if efforts to save the county schools money. A banner hangs above the entrance "Bringing Back Our Neighborhood School, a Community Effort", I hope we can, it was the original high school, later turned into the K-1 Center, and a place where my kids went to their first day of kindergarten, there will never be another like it.

 The 90 year old school now sits in a state of disrepair, tall weeds take the place of children, shadowing over the benches where my kids wait for me to pick with big smiles, excited to tell me all about their day. It brought tears to my eyes to see it this way. If only there was more ways to fund the school when taxes aren't enough. In a perfect world schools would NOT have to close, but until then I'll keep eating my yummy General Mills snacks (I mean the kids will) and clip Box Tops to help our schools. 

5th, 6th, 9th and 11th graders... they grow so fast!

Big brother really misses his school, hugging his sister as he talked about his former teacher and her cupcakes. I miss our morning bike ride. watching him head down the hallway, and hearing him sing his way to the classroom. 
The elementary was moved just a mile away, but my kids never went to the new school, I ended up homeschooling for the next 6 years after it closed. This year marks our 3 full year back in public schools and funding here in Alabama is always a issue.

Local businesses like Walmart help support our school and we as a family do what we can by collecting Box Tops and volunteering.

Any excuse to buy yummy snacks from Walmart to fill the pantry and their lunch boxes.

My intermediate school kids love Box Tops! They have a contest at their school, which ever grade collects the most gets a party at the end of the year. Walmart’s 5-for-1 Box Tops initiative will make it a whole lot easier to win!

Box Tops for Education makes giving extra money back into your community easy. Anyone in the community can participate! Buy, Clip, Send = Earn! When you purchase featured General Mills products this summer, Walmart is offering 5 Box Tops. This means 5 times the impact for just buying the products you love!


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