Youth Soccer Injury Protection

Soccer season has ended and lucky for us no major injuries this year, last summer my son was laid up with a broken femur, he's happy to be back out kicking the ball around with his friends again.

Soccer is the most played sport in the world, counting over 250 million active players and has one of the highest injury rates: more than contact sports like hockey or lacrosse, according to some studies. Yet there has been little equipment to offer protection, leaving millions exposed to risks ranging from turf burns to head injuries.

I prefer to protect my children as much as possible when they're playing contact sports.

Turf burns are no fun at any age and 56% of all injuries in soccer are skin abrasion related. 

As the speed and physicality of the game intensifies, Storelli wants athletes to prepare with smarter gear and teach athletes about the offensive mindset of wearing protection. 

Check out this Storelli Blog article about Turf Burns written by Dr. Raymond Rocco Monto, the more informed we get the better we can be at protecting our athletes.

Their BodyShield Field Players Sliders and BodyShield Women’s Sliders are #YourSecretWeapon

I feel better knowing mine are protected with the Storelli BodyShield Field Player Sliders (for Men and Youth), the BodyShield Women’s Sliders and the BodyShield Leg Sleeves are perfect for avoiding abrasion related injuries on a number of surfaces, from the best kept grass fields in the world, to lush artificial turf, to some of the hardest soccer conditions out there. 

It won't keep them from getting a mouth full of grass, but honestly that's sometimes the only greens I can get my kids to eat.

It's nice to see him back out there playing, injuries and summer are never a good combination. We prefer friends, laughter and a good time.

"Taking inspiration from the world of extreme sports, Storelli’s apparel line incorporates proprietary, patent-pending technologies and sleek, intelligent design to better absorb impact; minimize and prevent abrasions, cuts and bruises; and take the pain out of the game to enhance performance and enjoyment." 

 Use the promo code BURN15 to receive 15% off Storelli gear!

Play Safe!

Thank you to Storelli for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try out a new secret weapon against turf burns!


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