Breaded Avocado Vegetarian Tacos & Giveaway!

What’s more festive during the game than a football-themed Taco Bar? Everyone in our house loves celebrating Game Day with friends and all the fun food that goes with it. We decide to came up with a new recipe to share using Old El Paso dinner kit and Avocados from Mexico.
When I lived in Florida during my college years, my yard had 2 avocado trees, a winter and summer variety, I loved having avocados all year round but I wish I knew all the fun things to do with them then and think back to how many were wasted from my lack of culinary skills.

Old El Paso Dinner kits come with all you need to make delicious meals for the whole family
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Avocados from Mexico are fresh, delicious, authentic, and available year-round.

Fun facts: avocados are so popular at parties and festivities that people across the United States enjoy more than 1.3 billion pounds of avocados per year.
 Did you know? If you made guacamole from all of the avocados sold for Big Game XLVII parties, you could fill the entire stadium 12 feet high!

Breaded Avocado Vegetarian Taco Recipe:

2 Avocados slices
2 eggs beaten 
1 cup crumbled cheese crackers (bread crumbs can be used)
1 1/2 cups flour
(comes with taco seasoning, mild taco sauce and soft tacos)
fresh lettuce

Place the beaten eggs, flour and crumbled crackers into 3 separate bowls to dip the sliced avocados in for breading.

Now dip avocado slices first into the egg, then flour, then cracker crumbs. After you coat all the avocado slices add the taco seasoning to the flour and roll the slices back into the seasoned flour, place coated avocado on a greased or well oil pan to bake at 375 degrees for 12-17 minutes or until the crust is crispy and golden brown.

After the breaded avocados are baked, place them on a soft taco shell top with fresh lettuce and then top with mild taco sauce from the Old El Paso Dinner Kit, roll and serve.

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Giveaway Details:

 $10 giveaway for Ramblings From Utopia readers, just simply leave a comment below on your favorite recipe or Game Day party idea.

Please note: The winner is chosen randomly and will receive winnings via PayPal.


  1. I would make the Nachos or an avocado dip.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  2. I would make a guac dip or maybe some mini taco sliders

  3. They have a great variety of game day recipes. I know my family would enjoy of them. Two that I know they would love are the mini seven layer dips and the Sriracha Meatball Mini Boats.

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    2. Congrats you are this giveaway winner :)

  4. I like the Mini 7 Layer Dips

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  5. I like Sriracha Meatball Mini Boats. kraftmaking at gmail dot com

  6. I love guacamole!
    cricketlady29 at hotmail dot com

  7. My favorite game day snack is spicy chicken wings.

  8. I would love to make the mini 7 layer dips on their site. So adorable, and great for guests!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  9. Chicken and Avocado Ten Minute Taco Boats

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  10. Those grilled steak fajita boats look like fun!

  11. I love making meatballs and chicken wings

    aleene617 at hotmail dot com

  12. I like the mini seven layer dip idea.

  13. Tacos are my favorite

  14. My favorite recipe for game day is 7-Layer Dip.

  15. My favorite recipe for game day is 7-Layer Dip.


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