Thanksgiving Prep: Pumpkin Whoopie Recipe

 Our Thanksgiving feast usually takes over 5 hours of cooking and this year with the kitchen only halfway through the remodel, I needed to get a few of the dishes made in advance. Our freezer isn't very big so Hefty Slider Freezer Bags were at the top of the grocery list.
  Pumpkin Whoopies are an absolute must for Thanksgiving, the kids look forward to them every year so I decided to make the pumpkin cookies in advance and freeze to save hours in the kitchen so we can enjoy more time with our guests at Thanksgiving. 

Enjoy our family's favorite Thanksgiving dessert recipe:

Cream the butter in a mixer adding in the sugar and pumpkin until fully incorporated, then add in the eggs, flour and remaining dry ingredients until there's no lumps. 

Bake at 375 degrees for 10-12 minutes (bake time depends on the size of your whoopies)

Blend the cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla, milk and butter until completely smooth

I'm freezing about 3 dozen cookies and will make the filling a day ahead of our feast. Whoopies are so easy to make, the kids have volunteered to assemble them... I bet there'll be more eating than making. 

This year I baked up a batch of gluten free brownies to make a dozen whoopies for those guest who have wheat sensitivity. Bake goods freeze really well but using a good heavy duty freezer bag like Hefty is a must to keep out odors and flavors from other foods and keep your Thanksgiving prep perfect!

Thank you to Hefty for sponsoring today’s post and sharing recipes and tricks to host Thanksgiving!


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