Staying Connect and Saving Too!

 It's safe to say we all would like to save on our child’s smart device.
It's such a part of our home today and it seems that everyone is somehow virtually connected in some fashion, from toddlers to grandparent and should I say even my kids great-grandparents are messaging iPhones, it can really keep us in the loop with long distance family and friends. 

But it's not just that! All 4 of my kids were issued laptops at school this year! Warning electronic overload ahead! This can present some problems for parents who may not be able to keep up with the costs (and replacements) and repairs like me.

In just a couple weeks I will officially have two teenagers in the house and as I write they are sitting across from me connecting with their old friends in NY and a few of their new friends here Alabama.  Smartphones are a must but they can be pretty expensive and an iPhone  is definitely not in my budget as a single parent who is looking ahead at having 4 kids in college at the same time and needing to save, I heard Princeton is expensive! . 

Kids all too frequently break and lose smartphones and tablets so a brand new device may not be a wise investment for a young child or teenager. Nearly 70% of parents reported that a child in their household has broken or lost at least one smartphone, according to a Gazelle survey,  Yikes! I'm definitely a member of that group.

We started using iPads as a learning tool when I homeschooled all four of my kids, with four different grades it made finding class material quick and so it was an easy transition into public school where iPads and laptops are on every desk and used for every subject. But I'll admit, the kids need to help me out from time to time, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to apps.

Gazelle’s iPads are available in three cosmetic conditions – Excellent, Good and Fair – and are offered in all colors and size capacities. Devices also come with easy 30-day returns, a Lightning USB Cable and AC Adapter, and without contracts or strings attached.

A full catalog of Gazelle devices can be accessed at Gazelle here.

Ramblings From Utopia readers will receive $10 off when they purchase a device on the Gazelle website

If you’re not quite ready to buy, you can still subscribe to the Gazelle's email list and receive a $10 voucher when you buy within 2 weeks. PLEASE NOTE: you can only subscribe to the newsletter through a pop-up that appears the first time you visit the Gazelle website but please follow these steps: 1) wait on the page until the pop-up appears, and 2) enter your email address without closing out of the box.


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