Keeping up with 24 Paws

It's been 7 years since my days of potty training and like me if you have kids I'm sure your family hasn't out grown the need for Huggies Wipes, they're great for cleaning up after well pretty much everything! From an unexpected pet mess, to teenage makeup, and those ever sticky hands.

But pet care has to be our top reason we'll never stop using Huggies Wipes, with 24 furry paws in our house, I've been know to make a late night trip to the closest Walmart if we run out. 

Our use escalated when we first got our bunnies, cleaning their habitats took half my morning and if you haven't heard already you can't bathe a rabbit, getting them too wet can cause death! Yikes! Rabbits are typically clean animals but our Jelly Bell is one messy bun so those handy must have diaper wipes are a perfect way to cleaning up after not just him but all 5 of our bunnies. Brownie, Jelly, Arrow, Watson and Blueberry are equivalent to 5 teenage boys right now add in molting, fur is flying... everywhere!

I'm going to need more Wipes!

We've recently added a new member to the family, sweet Suki was found wondering the streets and sleeping in the sewer, so sad to think our adorable Italian Greyhound/ Chihuahua mix was living like that. Suki is a born runner so after her daily romps through the dirt, mud and sand we grab some wipes before she make's her way in the door to clean those tiny paws off! 

We live in the rainiest city in the country so taking Suki out in the rain can make for one messy playful pet, Huggies Wipes has been our perfect solution for a quick post-walk clean up and not just for the dog but the whole family, 4 active kids can manage to get into a lot too.

Huggies Wipes has become a huge part of our daily lives and they come in a variety of fun, convenient packaging, so whether we keep them stashed in the living room, bathroom, car or the Lapin Lounge aka bunny room, they've come a long way with stylish designs, which is good. My kids are long past wanting characters dancing around on their stuff.

Many thanks to HUGGIES for sponsoring today’s story and Walmart, my go to place to finding them.

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  1. Oh Kate, this is the cutest! I TRIPLE pinned this post. Adorable. Tonight I actually used a couple of Huggies wipes on my yellow lab, Sadie. She was smelling very dusty. We'd just been at the ballpark cheering our son's team to victory. Sure glad I had wipes. She resists baths and I was too tired to consider it! :) ... Sinea ♥


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