Bravo's new comedy Odd Mom Out

  Have you ever been the odd mom out? 

Bravo is thrilled to announce our first ever scripted comedy, airing June 8th. Odd Mom Out is perfection! Jill has an interesting perspective into the crazy world of the Upper East Side—where money is no object to her peers and normal every day issues consist of how to get your child into the best private school, which elite cycling class you should attend, or when to add a “Von” to your name to move up a class. Jill hilariously navigates the social scene; to some she may seem odd but for the rest of us, it's like watching ourselves and scenes from our life being played back one awkward moment at a time.

Watch the Odd Mom Out Trailer here

and why not try out a MOM-osa recipe while you watch:

I don't spend much time at all watching TV or going to movies so a show has to be pretty funny to keep me interested. I was more than pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed the first episode of Odd Mom Out as much as I did. The kiddos could here us laughing from their rooms and what better to pair up a good comedy than with a refreshing Mom-osa and friends!

Be sure to try out this Mom-ito recipe too!

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Tune-In to Win Sweepstakes:

Viewers have an opportunity to win $20,000 in each of the first 4 weeks of premiere episodes (starting 6/8 – 6/29) through the Tune-In to Win Sweepstakes.

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Head over and like Bravo’s Odd Mom Out Facebook page so you see the live updates.  Also you can catch even more funny video clips on the Odd Mom Out website.  There are several clips beyond the trailer.  
My favorite is the scene has to be from the spin class, go unicorn!

Many thanks to Bravo TV for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to be an “Odd Mom Out”!


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