Jumping over Hurdles

This is the same track I ran on over 20 years ago, but I started to sounded Wilma Flintstone as I began to tell her stories
 of how the track was made out of gravel and not the new high tech shock absorption material it's covered in now. 

The wind was howling and the temperature dropped to below freezing, the athletes huddled together trying to stay warm. 
Lucky for us Stream's two events are first and we headed home before the freezing rain and snow started. The calendar says 
April but the weather here has been pretty crazy, 60mph winds, snow, hail and a few nice days thrown in-between the muck.

I almost forgot to mention she competed despite the weather, having her wonderful pet guinea pig Sherlock unexpectedly die 
and recovering from having the norovirus, which has to be one of the worst viruses ever! She's one tough cookie for sure!

I glad my fear of hurdles is not hereditary and despite life's own hurdles she had to deal with this week Stream did awesome 
at her first track meet and didn't knock over a single one! She has always been and still is my little frog!


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