Getting Organized with LyveHome and a Giveaway!!

I'm on vacation photo overload!

Our phone and iPad were totally full by the time we got back. Sometimes I have no idea what to do with all of it.
Photo organization is not my specialty.

The kids were completely exhausted after being in the van for 27 hours and I had mountains of laundry to, so needing them occupied started us on yet another hunter for our forever missing iPod.

Have you ever lost something and spent the next 10 months looking for it? Well then you'll understand the absolute frustration we've had searching for the kids iPod Touch. 

I remember the first thing I said when it went missing way back in November 2013 was to my son asking him to check the leather chair. Of course he looked and found nothing.

 Now jump ahead to August 2014, our first day back from our latest road trip and my 11 year old decided to look again to try and find it. I was no longer loaning out my iPhone for them to play Minecraft and it felt like every other sentence out of my mouth was, well if you only had the iPod.

 Stream decided after an hour looking around the cupboards that she'd go to the seen of the crime, the last known place where we saw him playing it, his favorite leather chair. 

A few moments later I almost didn't believe what heard, "I found the iPod Touch!"

 No way! right? and where had it been for nearly a year? Yep, the leather chair. The one he sits in almost daily. The same place he said it wasn't.

It was perfect timing too! We wanted to immediately copy and save all 1000+ photos from the iPod.
This was the same day LyveHome arrive at our door!!!

My urgency to collect and protect our photos on all handheld devices came after last years emergency rescue of my son from the bottom of the swimming pool (he's totally okay now, thank goodness) and on a lighter note, the funny story of my friend's daughter dropping her iPod full of vacation photos in to a port a potty. 

So needless to say I'm pretty eager to start protecting our memories and having easy access to sharing them with our family.

 I set up Lyve right in the livingroom, better known as grand central station around here. A perfect place to copy, share and organize our daily adventures.

After copying everything to our LyveHome the kids had a great time thumbing through the photos. 

My girls were freaking over the photos from last weeks trip of the giant alligator Zen and I spotted in the bay just 10 feet from us! And I was freaking over how grown up Luna and her friends, feels like just yesterday they were 7 years old in braids running our house playing dress-up. 

Taking photos has become crazy popular, camera phones have come along way and everywhere you look someone's clicking a pic or selfie and sharing it to a 100 friends within seconds. 

Makes me feel a bit old remembering how I use to wait a week before get my photos back from the lab and ordering double prints to share, yikes!

We already have over 3000 photos on our LyveHome!! Now the fun part, sharing with you a chance to have one of your very own.

GIVEAWAY the details:
LyveHome and the LyveApp allow you to collect, protect and rediscover over 1M photos, that's over 1,000,000 photos. 

Busy moms don’t have time to scrapbook; every family vacation, any many firsts, from baby's first steps to first day of school and Dad's first marathon can now live together, you can count on LyveHome for protecting your photos and #LyveMoments. 

LyveHome fits perfectly in to your home without losing the “homey” feel of family photos, on a bookshelf like I did, to a coffee table or on a hallway entry table." I especially love that it can display the time along as it scrolls of our latest family photos.

 Today, you have a chance to win a Lyve Home to protect, organize and share your family’s memories!!!

Here's how to enter to win a LyveHome of your own:
  1. Click on over to the LyveHome site (it will open in a new window).
  2. Take a moment to watch the “View Product Video”. 
  3. Then come back and leave a comment telling us how it would be most useful for your family. Winner is selected through comments made on this post.
Only one person will receive a LyveHome. 
Winner randomly chosen August 28th, prize value is $299.

 Winner of the LyveHome :
Kristen dreaperAugust 18, 2014 at 9:17 AM
How awesome! This is just what we need and I had no idea! I've been switching between 2 outdated computers with 3 cameras and 2 iPhones. This would eliminate all the frustration and anxiety over missing photos by not wanting to deal with the hassle to just plan missing them because they were lost on a device.
 U.S. Residents Only.

Thank you LyveHome for sponsoring today's discussion and helping me protect my precious memories!"


  1. What a fantastic product. We have moved and traveled around the country and have amassed a huge collection of photo albums in the past 21 years that I am trying to digitize. We love our digital frame but I love that you can transfer photos so easily to the LyveHome. And, you don't have to swap out the limited SD card when you want to see more photos. 3000 photos? We have much more than that I would love to have all in one place. This is the coolest digital photo organizing tool I've seen so far. Would love it!!

  2. After losing my mother in 2008 I realized how important her pictures are to us, now that I've had two more children who will never know her but only through my photographs I find that making sure that they see her on a daily basis is important. The LyveHome would help me do that, instead of having pictures on the wall they'll be able to see all the photos I have of her. Not only will it help for that but with one child going off to college, and three more that don't live in our home the memories we could all share would be priceless for the two little ones. ~Amber

  3. How awesome! This is just what we need and I had no idea! I've been switching between 2 outdated computers with 3 cameras and 2 iPhones. This would eliminate all the frustration and anxiety over missing photos by not wanting to deal with the hassle to just plan missing them because they were lost on a device.

  4. It would be awesome to be able to have ALL my photos in one place instead of scattered all over on my wife's or my iPhone, iPad, laptops or desktop. It would be like having dropbox be in my home! I can't imagine how sad I would be if I lost all the photos my wife, kids and I have taken over the last 15+ years.

  5. The thought of misplacing my photo's and not having them organized gives me anxiety. I love that they can all be kept in the same place!! I had no idea this was available!!

  6. This would be great to keep my most valuable photos in one place!

  7. I like that it can interact with so many different devices and store everything in one location

  8. What an amazing product! I have so many photos on my computer but have not found a way to get them out. This would be a wonderful way to display my pictures!

  9. That is so amazing. I love that it syncs with several devices.

  10. I have needed this product for years! Lyve home is a product I think anyone with a camera could utilize. A few years ago i was monogramming on my laptop, split a glass of sweet tea into the laptop, it started smoking and my pictures stored on it went up in smoke as well. This was a very sad day. if i had the lyve home, my pictures would still be with me. I love the fact that it would help in organizing my photos. i am always looking for that one picture we took on vacation and usually after an hour or two I will locate it. another feature that i know would be great is the photos can be connected to your tv through the device. this would create quite the conversations at your get together! With the pictures organized you can slide show your previous photos of that holiday. how neat to sit and watch the slide show of Christmas from the past. i think this product would come in handy in a lot of different ways!!


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