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It was a big weekend for cub scouts everywhere, continuing on to the next level and for us it was from Bears to Webelos. What do a few dozen scouts do in the woods besides becoming dinner for thousands of mosquitos? They do what boys like to do best; gather wood for the fire, go fishing, show off their pocket knives, run around, EAT and best of all have a great time (on the flip side my girls spent half the day in our minivan hiding from the bugs).

The big moment...his first walk across the bridge!!!

The boys were so proud of all their accomplishments for the year and it was group hug time for welcoming their new cub master. 

The fish weren't biting but learning to hook a worm and cast the line was just as much fun. Then it was time for the cub scouts perform a flag ceremony honoring the American flag by burning an old and tattered one, this one flew over our states capital.

Maybe next year we'll brave it and stay for the overnight camping. I can handle no running water, bugs and croaking bull frogs, but but they totally need to clean the outhouses before then. There's only so much "roughing it" a girl can take. 

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  1. What wonderful pictures... It looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing on my Almost Wordless Wednesday Party... just to let you know I am not sure what happened but your url may be wrong on the link as when I clicked on the picture it brought me to a page doesn't exist page. I just clicked on your home button and came to the right page.


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