A popchips love story

If you been down the chip isle lately you most likely seen the latest snack food trend. 
Popchips are a family of delicious potato, tortilla, and veggie chips popped crispy and full of flavor. 
Not fried or bake these are made by adding a little heat and pressure, and pop! it’s a chip. Cool right!

So glad to see they're making the bags 15% bigger, nobody likes reaching into an empty chip bag.
 Popchips are offering their snackers more to love at the same great price. snack on!

 They're so full flavor it's hard to believe there's half the fat of regular potato chips. Popchips are a perfect match for our favorite homemade dips. 

One you've got to try is our favorite go to ranch dip.
Just mix some plain greek yogurt with a 1-2 tablespoon of ranch seasoning makes for the perfect combo! and dare I say healthy snack.

We love ended up loving popchips so much that we couldn't decide which flavor is our favorite.

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Enter your popchips love story to win the more to love sweepstakes, which ends on 5/31. 

Hey that's my birthday! and I'm turning 40! 

So everyone who participates will receive a $.55 off coupon and a chance win a date night package ($500 & 3 cases of popchips).

This post is sponsored by popchips but my love of these tasty snacks is all my own. 


  1. I love these! The bbq is my fav :)

  2. Clearly the word is out, I had a coupon for some the other day and the self was bare. I like that there are more and more options for lower fat and calorie treats.

  3. Mmmmm...looks delicious! I love Blair's Habanero chips - they are extremly HOT! ;)


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