Quick no sew Halloween Costumes ideas

If you have an hour and are handy with the hot glue gun here are two easy no sew costumes I put together for my girls.


What you'll need:

 $3 Walmart umbrella in black
10 black pipe cleaners 
elastic in black
3 safety pins
metal headband
black feather boa

Bat Wings:
Simply dismantle and remove all metal and plastic parts of umbrella, you'll only be using the umbrella's material.
Now cut it in half, you can use this for two wings but I preferred to use one half and attach it on like a cape across the back of the costume.
No hot glue 3 pipe cleaners to each wing (you will only need 3 if you do one wing like i did).
Then attach elastic loops at the ends the wing to go around the wrists (this is for the single bat wing version only).
Now dress your little bat in black clothing and pin the wing on along the shoulders and neckline.

The headband was made by hot gluing a feather boa and bending 2 pipe cleaners around the headband into a bat ear shape. I used 2 pipe cleaners per ear (4 total)


Click here to read full post with detailed instructions on the cherry Pie Costume.

Burger Fest and Bed Races

A while back I took the kiddos to an awesome event in my the village where I grew up and where my love for hamburgers began, I probably ate my weight in burgers when I was little even though now I've been a vegetarian for 25 years it doesn't mean we still can't enjoy a little fun at Burgerfest.

My two meat eaters, enjoying every bit of their burgers.

The perfect ending to such a fun day...ice cream!

DIY: ugly light quick fix

I love retro but this is one ugly light fixture. I wish it was as easy as just changing it but we have low voltage wiring running throughout the house which left us in the dark for 4 days after changing the chandelier in the dining room and another 2 weeks trying to resolved the problem, so I'm stuck with this ugly light fixture in all it's green metal 60's glory.

 I started with quilting strips cut to about a 1/2 inch wide (but left over fabric scraps would work just as well)
I then wrapped the fabric around the part of the light I wanted covered and hot glued the ends closed. 
This way I can easily remove the fabric if I wanted to change the color or revamp the light fixture in the future.
This project took about an hour to complete and cost nothing since I already had everything I needed.

Problem solved...well at least dressed up.

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