Doctor Who Birthday Party

There's a bit of a Doctor Who obsession going on in our house lately, so what could be more fitting
 than a Doctor Who themed birthday party! 
Enter through the larger than life Tardis into a world of fun and games, not to mention lots of cake 
and Dalek inspired cupcakes.

A day in the life of Doctor Who wouldn't be complete without a bow tie for everyone!

After all the cake was gone and the sword fighting in the backyard was over we went in to make our 
very own sonic screwdriver pens made from modeling clay and a pack of cheap pens from Walmart.
 (the 15 pack of pens at Walmart do not melt in the oven, we tried another brand and they melted)

Even though most of the 8 & 9 year olds had no idea who Doctor Who was (can you believe that!)
 by the time they left that afternoon we had 6 more fans!

The Invitations and Thank You's kept with our Doctor Who theme.

Thank You!

Last year we spent the day honoring Veterans along the Gulf Coast, this year we will be spending the afternoon with a very special one, my grandfather!

Thanks You Veterans!

Wonderful Weekend

We'll be enjoying some outdoor time before the snowflakes start to fall.

Happy Weekend!

Run, Jump and dance

A cool crisp morning couldn't keep this kid from enjoying 
himself...they don't call it a fun run for nothing and fun is
 what he had along with a little bit of running, jumping and some dancing.

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