DIY: ugly light quick fix

I love retro but this is one ugly light fixture. I wish it was as easy as just changing it but we have low voltage wiring running throughout the house which left us in the dark for 4 days after changing the chandelier in the dining room and another 2 weeks trying to resolved the problem, so I'm stuck with this ugly light fixture in all it's green metal 60's glory.

 I started with quilting strips cut to about a 1/2 inch wide (but left over fabric scraps would work just as well)
I then wrapped the fabric around the part of the light I wanted covered and hot glued the ends closed. 
This way I can easily remove the fabric if I wanted to change the color or revamp the light fixture in the future.
This project took about an hour to complete and cost nothing since I already had everything I needed.

Problem solved...well at least dressed up.


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