Strawberry Fields For Summer

We love getting outside and soak up the sunlight especially after our first gloomy winter up north. 
This was a really sweet way to kick off summer vacation, maybe too sweet .
We came home with more berries than we ever could eat but lucky for us there was room in the freezer for the delicious strawberries.
Summer smoothies will be a delight on those super hot days, well if we ever get some, feels more like April than July lately. 
This will truly be a special summer for us, the last one before having a teenager, yikes! 

Where does the time go?!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Now that summer is here and for many of us that means are kids will be spending a lot of time
 at the pool, do you know what drowning looks like? It's never like what they portray in movies
 or tv shows, we learned that the other day when my son had a near drowning experience
 even with 2 lifeguards on duty I still had to save more here.


  1. Yummy! I definitely have to take the kids strawberry picking this week.

  2. Great photos! Looks like you had a great day. Feel free to link up:

  3. Lovely photos and something nice to eat at the end of it heheh!

    Have a strawberrylicious week ;-)

  4. Great photos. Strawberries are so expensive here at the moment and if you do fork out for them, they just don't taste that great. Can't wait till they are in season here again.

    Happy WW, if you get the chance pop over and link up at Ms Mystery Case.

  5. What a great collection of photos. I smiled throughout this post. :)

  6. Love this collection of photos, this really says "summer"!

  7. Seriously some AMAZING shots here!!

  8. Such awesome photos. Love your new blog look!!

  9. argh! i think we missed strawberry season around here again this year. looks like so much fun!

  10. I am hoping that the season is still on here and that I can go this weekend! Great pics!!


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