{SH} Sundays #38

Another week of summer gone already? Usually it wouldn't bother me, actually I use to look forward to fall and cooler weather.
 But now that we've moved north it just means a week closer to SNOW! 
Have to stop thinking that way and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. I just love the kiddos being home.
The transition for homeschooling to public school has been hardest on me.
I want to take in every second of them, even the messy piles of toys scattered around the house and uncleared dinner plates.


Selfie, as I walked by an old gas station window.


Crazy! She beat out 34 other 8-10 year olds to win 2nd place in the pie eating contest.


Cooling down in the kiddie pool on the hottest day of the year!


a sea of unwanted newspaper boxes. 


We made a quick stop at the local mall after I heard they had an Anthropologie store. I'm in love! 
Got a bit lost in the parking lot trying to find a door in, true newbies. 
We didn't have a mall where we had lived in Alabama so this was exciting for them. 
And obviously by the look of the stairs we went the wrong way.
Don't think anybody had used those steps in the last 20 years.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Excellent job with these. Love the stairwell shot.

  2. wow...you got some great shots...love the newspaper bins..wow!!!...talk about how things change with technology.

  3. Fun pics, the newspaper machine shot is a great comment on the effect of the internet on newspapers. I love the stairwell shot. It looks like you guys are doing a little urban exploration. And I grew up in the snow and the cold, I'm retiring where its warm. Of course that is at least 10 years out.

  4. Great set! I love your identical picture-what a cool find! Your jaunt pictures is awesome too.

  5. Fantastic camouflage interpretation!

  6. I like the camouflage and the stair shot!

    I empathize with you missing your children when school starts. My blessing is attending all day camp this next week and I know I will be missing her. This is the first time we have been away from each other all day as I do homeschool.

  7. really love your interpretations of the prompts!jaunt is my favorite :)

  8. Congratulations on winning the pie eating contest. That's a pretty sizable feat to beat that many others eating pie! Love the sea of unwanted newspaper machines! And the pictures of everyone with their feet together in the pool is great!


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