{SH} Sundays #37

What a wonderful Sunday! My youngest turns seven today on 7-7!
So excited to celebrate her birthday especially in a cooler
 climate so we could have a camping party out in backyard, 
I love how she asked if high heels were okay and that
 she wanted her brother to wear a tuxedo...camping! 

 Sometimes missing a shot turns out to be even better!

I love the complimentary colors of the daisies against the blue sky.

Another fun picnic game Stream managed to stack them 6 high before the tower collapsed.

How cute are these chicks in the parade!

Catching Fireflies is our latest favorite family fun activity, what's yours?

Happy Sunday!


  1. Great shots! I love the can and paper plate game. We'll have to try that. Our favorite evening activity lately has been to walk down to the beach and watch the sun set and the dark come in.

  2. These are great! Love the dice shot - how awesome! Happy golden birthday to your kiddo!!

  3. awwww... fireflies! My kids had a blast catching some the other night. Great memories. :)

  4. That dice shot is so cool.
    Looks like it was a fun party, the cans/paper plate game looks like fun.
    I've never caught a firefly but it looks fun.

  5. Aww very nice for "sparkle"! Love it.

  6. Oh that first shot is just FANTASTIC. Glad she "missed" it :)

  7. amazing shot of the following dice! you must have been camera-ready to be able to capture that shot? my husband grew up in Ohio, so he mentions being able to capture fireflies. Sounds like so much fun. I did see a few in Arlington, VA during my last visit with my daughter... sort of magical, if you aren't used to seeing them.


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