{SH} Sunday #39

When everything seems to be going wrong all I can do is hold out hope that something(s) will work out, what else can one do? 

Other than listen to some Paul Simon and watch the clouds roll by.

Cool Colors

Carnival rides still frighten me.


Apples, apples everywhere!

Iced Beverage

Ice cream shakes make everything better.

Cooling Off

We've had one too many scorchers this summer.


 Had a blast picking these yummy fresh organic berries, so much fun we came home with more 
than our family could ever eat!

A Happier Sunday to you all!


  1. Love your selections for this weeks prompts! I especially love the Ferris wheel! Makes me remember being 15 and getting on one that turned upside down. It was right after church and my friend and I went together...we didn't know you controlled which direction the "cage" was facing with a bar we were holding onto and every time it got to the top, it was upside down....and we had on dresses...and our dresses flew up over our heads....and we were screaming our lungs out, "Please God get us off her and we'll never get back on"....and I have NEVER been on another! lol Bad experience...but love your picture! Pretty blueberries, too. They only bring back pleasant memories....of blueberry muffins!

  2. Impressive set! I like the tones in your pictures. Your iced beverage shot is really sweet.

  3. what a great way to cool off...those blueberries look appetizing...so hungry now.

  4. I love the cool colors! We are thinking of going blueberry picking this week.

  5. Great shots, all of them. I really like the Ferris wheel, and the water photo where you captured the water suspended in midair.

  6. This is a wonderful set of photos. The ferris wheel is super cool and the iced beverage shot is so creative.

  7. oh these are fantastic! Love the spin on Iced beverage

  8. I like the Ferris wheel, blueberries and water shots. We are still scorching here.

  9. Ooh! I love your raw photo! It is lovely. I also enjoyed cool colors and leaves.

  10. Awesome set this week. I loved the Ferris wheel shot for cooler colors. Funny how the seat is stamped on the bottom (do not rock the seat).

    Cute shot for Iced Beverage.
    Great sun flare in the leaves shot and oh those raw berries look delicious.


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