Camp Seven Candles

On Sunday we spent the day celebrating Little Eco's seventh birthday, my baby is getting so grown up, where does the time go?! 
She picked a backyard camping theme, then asked if she could wear high heels, I said why
 not it's your party. Plus I always want to remember those small things that make life special.
I found this great tutorial on making an A frame tent here and we headed to the local thrift shop to pick up some
vintage floral sheets for the covers, she's definitely likes things very pink, very flowery and very girly.
Including a very colorful rainbow birthday cake!!!

Really glad I remember that we had brought last years left over sparklers up from Alabama,
guess you can't get them around here anymore so the kids were super excited!

So much fun! Everybody stayed well into dark, maybe next year we'll make it an overnight camping party.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. There are so many things to love here - the tents, the cake, the tic tac toe, the tiny hamburger desserts. The fire is awesome. Are you related to Martha Stewart?? I am impressed. WELL DONE! :)

  2. What a beautiful party that they will never forget. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Those tents are amazing, super, awesome!!

  4. What a great idea and I LOVE the rainbow cake



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