{WW} : iphone photo dump

Sometimes the phone captures a moment better than my BIG camera as my kiddos refer to it, the incorrect color, the
overly contrast photo and the washed out sun flare really seem to create a mood that a dslr just can't..

riding through puddles

little door step present

new love -vintage milk crates

shopping at tj maxx

daisies from my little girl

backyard beauty

vintage schwinn streamers

beauty in my kitchen

we have cherries growing 

my new commuter around town

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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  1. That first photo is really cool. And I totally agree- sometimes the iphone snap is the keeper. ;)

  2. Beautiful shots. I've just recently gotten an I-phone, but I've not used the camera part much.

  3. Clearly I need to get my cell phone and use the camera more - these are totally awesome. That first one - perfection.

  4. I love using my cell phone for taking pictures, always captures them perfectly!! Thanks for sharing :) Wordless Wednesday The Unbelievable


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