WW :: Flower Power

It's just keeps raining so I guess June showers bring pretty flowers!

Wildflower daisies are my summertime favorite. I'm not much of a fresh cut flower gal, last thing I want is
a dozen long stem roses (though they smell divine) but I prefer finding something beautiful growing wild in a field and picked by my kiddos
to top it off they last up to 2 weeks and look absolutely breathtaking on my kitchen table!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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  1. Oh My Gosh what great moments!! They look so professional, she is so cute!! Hope you can stop by!!

  2. These are amazing, beautiful portraits of a beautiful young lady


  3. Holy cow. Speeding by with a basket full of daisies? Awesome.

  4. Wildflower daisies are just the best. I love each of these - so very Summer.


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