Summertime Fun: Chasing Fireflies

How to catch a firefly

Supplies needed:
 butterfly net and a glass jar with lid

Tho find these wonderful little glowing bugs which are found in marshes or in wet, wooded areas where their larvae have 
abundant sources of food you must set out at dusk.
The firefly larvae or better known as the glow worm feed on snails and slugs and emerge out or 
hibernation in spring, with that info we found a large number of firefly in the wooded fields where we had been collecting snails earlier in the week.

The fireflies didn't come out until 10-20 minutes after sunset, so just before it's officially dark outside you'll start to see their twinkling lights.

Fireflies are fairly easy to catch, they're slow fliers and glow intermittingly. We found using a simply
 butterfly net will work perfect and have a glass jar with a lid on hand so the kiddos can get a close look
 at this amazing insect.

Some adult fireflies also eat other insects. Some eat pollen and other flower parts, and some probably do
 not eat anything at all and do not last more than a few days in the jar.

I recommend keeping your fireflies for a no more than 48 hours giving the kids a chance to study and watch then flicker on the nightstand and then letting them go.

Our firefly outing was so much fun, especially with this being my kids first time ever seeing them in their natural habitat, even Echo (our dog) managed to catch three.... I mean eat three.

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  1. I am so jealous - you managed to photograph one in the jar while lit. Honestly it is as if they hold their breath when we catch them and refuse to blink their little yellow bodies until we give in and set them free. Errr!

    Fantastic summer fun shots.


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