{SH} Sundays #35

Happy Sunday!Finally starting to feel like summer and having all four kiddos home makes me really happy.


5th grade class picnic and good ole game of tug-o-war.

Arts & Crafts

busy making the perfect 9 year old gift :Lego bracelets


homemade s'mores ice cream, reaching *sugar overload as I try and perfect the recipe.


time together picking fresh strawberries


even though she only attended public school for the last 5 months her effort over the past years was recognized now onto middle school!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


  1. Such nice photos this week. Like the 1st, 4th and 5th best.

  2. the effort photo was perfect...and yes such great blessings. Lego bracelets? VERY COOL! Happy SundaY

  3. Congrats on your now middle schooler! Lego bracelet sounds great!

  4. What a lovely set of photos - especially the messy shot which is my favorite. Happy Summer - enjoy every minute.

  5. Love your blessing shot! And I must learn more about these Lego bracelets.

  6. Wonderful set. I really liked the Fun shot of the Tug-o-War. Also enjoyed the Blessing shot, I use to pick Strawberries in the summer to earn money.
    Effort was very sweet, loved the little happy dance she is doing.

  7. outstanding choices for this week's words - your fun shot is spot on.

  8. Love your photos this week! When I saw your thumbnail with he Legos, I thought it might be for the prompt "messy" be aide I know my boys make a mess with theirs!

    Your I e cream shot looks so good! Yum! I also loved the picking strawberries and the shots of your daughter twirling. So cute!


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