{SH} Sundays #33

Wow! It's Sunday already, only a week and a half left of school so many teacher thank you gifts to make and 
final class projects to finish but oh how I can't wait to have all 4 kiddos home again, the past 6 months was challenging
 I really miss homeschooling and crafting the day away together.


It's been raining all week so this is as
 close to seeing the sun as we got, just spending the afternoon with our
 head in the clouds dreaming of warm summer days.


Self expression is the best!


June 7th was National Doughnut Day so we
made up a batch of semi-healthy donuts, I love adding greek yogurt to recipes!


These make me smile every time I walk into my kitchen.

Favorite Color

Mine is Orange.

Take an old cheap 70's mirror and paint it
 your favorite color it will be sure to brighten your day.


  1. I love your idea of painting a mirror your favorite color. And that mirror looks like it is quite lovely.
    I also didn't see much sun this week, so I used a picture from my archives. Love your Dishes shots and I have to say, your sticky picture has made me hungry. Bad thing for 2am.
    Just stopping by from Scavenger Hunt Sunday! Have a great day

  2. So so lovely. I think that I love that first shot most. <3

  3. these pictures are simply delightful! that first one is magical, the light and colour of all of them is something i am still fighting to achieve as a very novice camera lover! great to find you via the shs, it's my first time ever linking and i am so happy to find some new great blogs like yours x

  4. Happy almost end of school! We have 6.5 school days left here! Your dishes are so great!

  5. I love your dishes shot and that expression shot is fantastic!

  6. Great selections for this week's challenge!

  7. your dishes shot is adorable - it looks like it could be an advertisement in a magazine.

  8. Love the dishes! And the giant mustache! :)

  9. Your shots for this weeks hunt look wonderful.. Well done on the hunt I must say..

  10. love those dishes! your first shot is gorgeous

  11. Your first shot is completely awesome! That is a reflection, right? It is fantastic. I also really enjoyed your dishes shots.

  12. Very nice set. I really loved the Dishes Shot, that was so sweet.
    Your Sun Flare shot was very creative and Expression was fun.


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