DIY: Burlap Flag Banner


Craft Designer Jute 4 Ply 1lb 135 Feet-Natural

2 yards Oatmeal colored Burlap

Hot Glue Gun

Black Craft Paint

3 1/2 inch Plastic Stencils Letters & Numbers

Foam Stencil Brushes

Make a template of the size flag you want to make, fold the burlap in half and leaving the
 folded top edge uncut so it will create a pocket for the flag to slide along the jute cording.

I ran a bead of hot glue around the outer edges and just below the jute cord on one side of 
the burlap flag cut out the folded over the cording making sure the flag was able to freely
 slide along the jute cord, be sure not to glue the flag to the cord.

Nows the fun part , after all the flags were glued lay out the banner and using 3 1/2 inch 
plastic stencils , black craft paint and foam stencil brushes spell out what you'd like the banner
 to say, once the paint is dry just hang and enjoy!

I spelled out Happy 80th Birthday as we celebrated my Grandmother's  birthday  over the weekend and since the flags are removable I'll be swapping out the #80 for #7 when I use it for my daughters birthday party next month and in the spring swap birthday for Easter.


  1. What a fun little banner. I love the photo's you should be a pro!!!.... :)

    hugs xx Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  2. This is cute! Such an easy way to decorate for a party!

  3. Love this bunting made out of a burlap. Pretty! Pin it!
    Have a great week end.


  4. Wow this is great! It's nice to find something that doesn't require one of those fancy smancy cutting machines (that is on my wish list but not likely to happen for quite awhile). Just found you thru It's Overflowing :-).

  5. So cute! I love it. Tempted to make one with purple letters for my daughter's 5th bday, but then I know I'd want to use it again for my son! Maybe I can do turquoise or something and just make the numbers in different colors. Gives me something to think about! Love the idea, though. Thanks for posting!

  6. Hey! I love this so much! I featured it today on my blog:

  7. Really loved your banner, the simplicity and versatility. Can change this up in many way if desired.
    Found your blog and post thru 52 mantels 20 party ideas. I'm already thinking of when I'll make it, what for. I'm only one with b/d coming up but hate to wait til Oct for hubs b/d. I'll think of something, love making buntings/banners.
    Happy summer, enjoy with your kids. Keep crafting

  8. This is cute! Love the idea. Thanks for posting!

  9. So sweet! Look at this page too for more cuteness

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