{WW} : Swing, Run and Salute

Can you believe we've never owned a swingset before?! So when I found a used one on Craigslist for a fraction of it's original cost I decided it was now or never, the kids are only getting older. Fast forward two weeks, it was a big undertaking dismantling, painting and reassembling the wooden monster but boy has it been a big hit! They run out in backyard everyday to swing, climb and slide, it's been worth it's weight in gold already. 

Sunday was awesome! We watched and cheered on many members of our family as they participated in the
 Buffalo Marathon, my Aunt ran even completed her first full marathon 26.1 
miles, now that's a long long long way and we are so proud of everyone, and even more that they
 were running for a great cause to raise money for children with cerebral palsy....way to go!

We ended our busy weekend with two of the girls recovery from strep throat and soaking in the sun at the local Memorial Day parade.
Now it's prep time for my birthday and my beautiful Grandmother's 80th birthday celebration.

Happy and Healthy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. That swing does look like it's being put to good use! I don't think I could even manage to run a fraction of a marathon. I know I couldn't! How nice they were doing it for a good cause! Hope everyone is fully recovered now.

  2. That swing looks fun! My brother-in-law is a fire fighter. That's a fun photo to.

  3. Everyone looks like they were having a great time and I cannot remember the last time I was in a swing! Come join me and link up your blog
    Wordless Wednesday Reflecting Our Weekend #12

  4. those are awesome photos. I especially liked the first one.

  5. Great pics. Swing sets are so fun. We had a jungle gym in the backyard once but lost it in one of the big hurricanes a few years ago. Love the last picture.


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