All-Elementary Track Meet

Today was interesting, Stream was in her first track meet and it was at my old high school. I started
 sounding a bit like Wilma Flintstone telling the kiddos about how the track was made out of gravel back in the
days when I ran varsity cross-country & track, seriously and now it some really nice rubber
composite but I never thought in a million years I'd be back to watch one of my own run it
was a very proud yet surreal moment for me and comforting in times like this to have a to
place we call home, our hearts are with Oklahoma and all their families.

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  1. Great photos you have captured. And yes it is very sad during this time for Moore OK, our prayers are with those dealing with the after effects.

  2. Sweet pics. You're so great at capturing the details! I'm also grateful for a place to call home and thinking of all those who are without today...

  3. You always have such amazing shots - feels like I was right there! :)

    Aliens Turned Feathered Friends

  4. these are all great images! Happy Wednesday!

  5. That's so awesome! Love the picture of her standing in front of the red wall.


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