DIY: Easy Upcycled Floral Centerpieces

I've been busy pruning back the trees and cleaning out the flowerbeds, I hated to have to toss
 all the pretty clippings into the compost pile so I came up with three really easy table 
centerpieces so we could enjoy all the beautiful flowers. 

The first one I made by punching 9 holes in the metal lid of a Del Monte fruit jar , the holes
 in 2 hole sizes to accommodate different stems.

Next was a french lemonade bottle, it's really good lemonade we got ours at T.J. Maxx but
 the sell the same drink at World Market too.

Then finally I added some soil into our left over egg shells, I thought they were beautiful and had 
been saving the cleaned out shells on my kitchen window sill for some time now waiting to
turn them into something special and the ceramic egg cartons were my find of the week for $2.99 at T.J. Maxx!


  1. Classico spaghetti jars make very nice flower holders. Neat ideas.

    1. Love the Classico Mason jars! I've been collecting those too but haven't found the perfect project for those yet. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I'm always so inspired when I stop over. These are so clever. And beautifully photographed! Thanks for sharing and linking to Project Alicia. Have a lovely rest of your week.


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