WW: Instant Randomness

What happens when you spend 3 weeks in Alabama with no kids, TV and limited internet and a slew of photo sessions?

The car will break down the day your to head back home, you shoot over 5000 frames on your camera to which none of them are of your own kids,  and cooking? what's that!? All your free time is spent walking around in the 80 degree temps  and sunshine wishing for snow to fall before you melt and best of all you forget all about posting to your blog or that you even have one.

Here's a few random Instagram pix until I dig myself out of editing photos and find some new ones of my kiddos, there's an awesome one of Zen still sitting on a compact flash card I have to share soon.

this might have been a rare sighting in Alabama but our lawn in NY has plenty of dandelions to go around....salad anyone?

fresh from our garden, the smell in divine!

My kiddos first pay phone sighting...somewhere in Kentucky.
Too bad we didn't have any loose change on us.

one sister

two sisters

three sisters on a tractor.

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  1. These are great. Love that first one.

  2. Love your shots. The kids look so happy!

  3. I am totally transported to happy - yea, even with your insta.random.silly.ness.

  4. Fun instagram pics! I hear ya on the editing overload. Sometimes you need a vacation from life just to catch up on all those photos. ;)

  5. Oh I love the light in the first one!

  6. The pictures are amazing, particularly the ones with your kids, they are simply adorable.
    Thanks for linking up to my Smiles hop and looking forward to see you next Monday too.

    Have a beautiful week.


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