SH:: Sundays #30

My green eyes, freckles and reddish highlights may throw people off, but I'm really not Irish, not one ounce and I may even have 2 kids with really Irish names but still not an ounce of Irish blood but that won't stop us from having fun today at the parade!

I was browsing through my photo archives and came across this, back in 2010 I had really no idea who I hung out with for over an hour. I'm not a swimmer and didn't realize how lucky I was and yes I know now .....he's an Olympic gold medalist!!!!


Cutest Irish lad ever!

Between all the rain, sleet, snow & hail... the sun is still out there somewhere, right?!

Pot of Gold
This year I wouldn't mind if she asked for a pot of gold.

a little green dye and some food coloring markers can transform ordinary chocolate chip cookies into something fit for a leprechaun.


  1. Cutest little Irish man everrrrrrrr :)

  2. You have quite a nice collection of Irish with these pictures. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  3. Happy St Paddy's day from N.Ireland xxx gorgeous photos as always xx

  4. These are great! Love the picture of Ryan Lochte! Those treats look great!

  5. Aw! I love the little Irish boy and the one of Ryan Lochte... even though until I saw his shoes I didn't know who it was. :-P

  6. I love your cutest Irish lad ever!

  7. I also love the Irish boy. Nice touch lipstick.

  8. you've posted some great pictures. think it puts my photos to shame.

  9. I love all of these!
    But, that little boy is the epitome of St. Patrick's day! A real CUTIE!

  10. Fabulous set.
    Your little Irish lad steals the show!
    How cool you met Ryan Lochte.
    Such a sweet note for Pot of Gold.
    Loved those green boots in the Daylight shot and the Clover cookies were fun and creative.

  11. Love your rain boots, and your cookies made me hungry!

  12. Absolutely wonderful photo set. I didn't participate this week. Somehow, I just didn't have the creative side of the brain engaged, so I took in a Norman Rockwell exhibit instead. Again, very nice work.

  13. Great set... and you hung out with Ryan Lochte? Awesome. :)

  14. Great group of photos for the theme. I agree about the little red headded boy and can I have one of those cookies? They look delicious.


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