Photo Challenge: Framed

I love using framing in my photos as a photographer but I especially love when it's not planned out like this photo. 
I had peeked into my sons room to see if he'd fallen asleep but instead he was laying quietly in bed reading his new favorite book using the light from headlamp and lucky for me I had my iphone along to sneak this pic.

Photo Challenge Submission



  1. Love this! Great use of the head lamp illumination and the candid moment!

  2. so sweet! i love sneaking in and seeing my boys like this too. it warms this mama's heart.

  3. What a great moment to capture!!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! You are a winner this week at I heart faces. What a wonderful job you did! Just like the Judge, I love the grain. Beautiful.

  5. Wow! Great natural framing! Good job. =)


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