DIY: Chicken Wire & Burlap Door

I recently remodeled our kitchen and added a much needed pantry, I scoured the internet looking for alternatives to a solid door and I finally settled on using custom built screen doors but I was wanting something other than black screen and copper was too pricey so I decided to go with chicken wire. It's found a lot in french country design which is what most of our decor is but I also needed to hide what was in the pantry (food, microwave and misc. small appliances) fabric seemed like a great solution and would have been great if what I picked out wasn't $50 a yard.... yikes!
I already have a burlap on the diningroom table and at less than $3 a yard it was a no brainer, with the leftovers I was able to make a skirt for under the sink and a window valance. So happy with how everything turned out and so practical too!

chicken Wire $10
burlap $6
screen doors $20
paint $15

First I trimmed the chicken wire to size and made sure to turn in the sharp edges, then I stapled it to the door frames. After that I took the burlap and stapled that over the back of the chicken wire, I made sure to fold under the edges since burlap frays easily. The burlap also helped to cover over any of the sharp edges of the chicken wire, this was important since I have young kids and they would be going in the pantry often.

One of my favorite things about the doors is that it doubles as a message center. I used clothes pins covered with washi tape to display photos, cards and grocery list, and since the doors aren't solid they allow for good air flow into the pantry and some light. The color was a bold choice for us but it compliments the copper accents throughout the kitchen really well, it's definitely grown on me.

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  1. What a great idea! Love that it has a dual purpose too. :)

  2. So smart! Might have to make this.
    Stopping by from the WW blog hop, please link up

  3. Love the idea! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. This is awesome!!! I wanted to do fabric panels to cover my doors, but I may just do this instead!!! Can I use this for my future inspiration on a post (!!!

    Thanks for giving me a new idea!!

    Kate @ Uniquely Undone

  5. Wish you had shown the piece of furniture you did this on, would get better idea of how it looks. Really liked the idea. What I can see I loved how it works.
    I've been wanting to take middle of cupboard doors out, trying to decide what I could put in instead. Where we live (out in country) it's very dusty and dirty from who knows what but it's dirty/dusty constantly. Hard to keep a house clean believe me. Then we have a black lab/border collie that sheds like crazy along with our kitty. The burlap might work with the chicken wire. I've thought about paint drop cloth also but it's kinda blah color wise. Love how the burlap looks but afraid the open weave would let too much dirt in. Sorry for thinking out loud on your blog. Happy summer.

  6. What a beautiful blog you have created and a wonderfully instructional post about burlap doors.


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