{SH} Sundays #27

Seriously exhausting week, it was the first full week of public school for my previously homeschooled 7th grader and waking up early is not our thing and neither is kitchen remodeling. Who knew painting cabinets could be so hard, I guess probably those of you who have already tried it. Here's to early mornings and late nights and the rewards of hard work! Our kitchen remodel on a budget unveiling next week...good bye 1962.


Not my most glamorous look.  I've been hidden under goggles, mask and my furry pink robe for the last week working on remodeling our kitchen, I hope to be done in a couple days and then the fun begins with posting the before and afters!


So breakfast around here is anything but plain, brownie waffles topped with powdered sugar and homemade granola was on the menu this week.


We left the warmth of the south just a month ago, it's funny I'm kind of homesick even though technically I am back home.


The hills are alive with the sound of my children scream with joy!


Little Eco designed herself some snazzy earmuffs to drown out the sounds of all the construction going on in our kitchen, we're all looking forward to it being done so we can have some peace and quiet around here.


  1. the picture of the 4 kids is amazing!

  2. Loving the sledding photos! I think you have a little fashion designer on your hands with Eco :)

  3. Wonderful photo set. Really nice work. Have a blessed day.

  4. Love the sledding picture and the kids in their bright colors outside! Happy remodeling!

  5. Looks like life is certainly an adventure around your house ;-) Hoping the new school is going well and three cheers for a remodel that is almost done!

  6. Great set! The kids' sledding??? I can hear them from here! Such joy. :)

  7. Yum! I want to come eat breakfast at your house. ;) Love the fast photos!

  8. These are all so awesome. Love the sledding pictures! Hope you have a blessed day...♥

  9. could your kids get any cuter? Great choices for the hunt and I am looking forward to your kitchen reveal. My prehistoric kitchen so needs a make-over, I just don't have the gumption.

  10. The bright colors on the kids are a gorgeous contrast to the snow! Great photos!

  11. oh goodness I just LOVE all of these :) Your work always makes me smile x


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