Behind My Lens #8: Photoshop Editing with Actions

I've been asked many times about what processing I use for my photographs, as a photojournalist I would normally just adjust the contrast and color saturation and crop in Photoshop but for blogging I wanted a quick and simple method to get a uniform look to my posts. I prefer Photoshop actions to help speed up the editing time, I search for a while to find just the right ones. I have a collection of Totally Rad Actions and Florabella Colorplay Actions, I also downloaded some free actions from the Pioneer Woman. On occasion I use a combination of actions from all three collections.

My photo recipe lately is quite simple: first I sharpen my photo up a bit then I use Florabella's subtle color action at 100% from their Colorplay Collection. If I want a washed blacks (like the photo below) or a more vintage feel I then add matte film at 100%. Usually the color is quite nice but when I'm looking for a warmer feel I add buttercream at 26% or marigold at 23%.  I  also find myself using antique pink and ocean air actions at 18% combined with the subtle color action at 100% on occasions when I prefer a soft look with a pinky undertone.

Photo edited using Florabella Colorplay collection: subtle color 100% + matte film 100%

Total editing time I spent on this photo was about one minute, can't beat that quick and easy!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Fun! Thanks for sharing your go-to recipes. I use Florabella Colorplay Actions too. But I always go to Perfect Color (30%)...then either Peace, Ginger or Organic at low intensities. I am going to def try out your work flow tho to see the difference. Thanks!


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