{WW} : Boxed In.

I so feel like jumping in a box and hiding instead of unpacking. I think the kiddos have the right idea hiding from all the work that needs to be done.

I've been too exhausted to even pull out my big camera, but it's good to take a break.

Love the crayon marks on the inside each one marks the number of minutes they were in there.

I'd be way to claustrophobic to be taped up in a box but the kids had a blast! 
And the duct tape was so Eco's idea, giving her sisters a few moments of quiet.

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  1. Haha! Too cute. I don't blame you one bit for taking a break from the big camera. Still fun pics and still documented. You go, mom!

  2. Haha how fun! I remember doing that when I was really little. I just saw your header and wanted to say that I love love it!

  3. lol some of the best fun is in boxes, so they have the right idea!

  4. Fun pics! It is amazing what you can do in a box! x


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