Let it snow..... Again!

So all I keep hearing around here is they haven't had snow like this is 2 years, well two years ago was the 
last time I visited in the winter and it snow like crazy. We already have had over 14 inches on
 the ground that averages out to almost 3 inches a day since we arrived. Mild winter????? 
Well I guess it's better to just get both feet in the snow and get it over with, the spring will 
only look that much better.

I'm getting pretty good at shoveling, but drooling over the neighbor's shiny red snowblower.


A winter storm blew in last night and the girls decided to try shoveling the snow in the
driveway so we could go pick out paint for their rooms today.
I looked out the window and this is what I saw.....

It should be an interesting first winter.

Happy Snow Everyone!

{WW} Scenes From the Road Home

Spent Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve day on the road but we made it to our new home
 just in time to celebrate this festive holiday with friends and family and our new neighbors
who brought over a plate full of delicious cookies as soon as we walk in our front door!!

The snow is falling almost as fast as my kids on ice skates!!!!

Instagram moments

21 years ago I stopped in this same place and took a photo of this very train 

somewhere in ohio

Happy Holidays!!!!

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{SH} Sundays #25

I took a break from moving to post, never ever going to move again without an army to help! Hopping on the road for our 2 day journey to our new home tomorrow and there's snow! This will be their first official white Christmas at home.


Bicycles always make me smile.


Hair, need I say more.


Even though it rained we still had a great time in New Orleans.


My favorite little boy to photograph!

Guilty Pleasure

I can't resist Pumpkin Whoopies

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

We'd so love if you headed over to The Paper Mama's blog and look through all the wonderful entries for her Christmas Card Challenge we're #40 click "like" if you want, Happy Holidays from Ramblings From Utopia.

No Target shoppers were harmed during the making of our Christmas card.

Christmas Card Challenge #40

We'd so love if you headed over to The Paper Mama's blog and look through all the wonderful entries for her Christmas Card Challenge, if you like ours just click like for #40, Happy Holidays we're on the road moving 1200 miles away, see you after we arrive safely at our new home! Think it's going to be our first white Christmas together!

{SH} Sundays #24

Crazy week, such sadness in CT and were in super moving mode
 right now here in AL, 7 day countdown has begun!


Our town sparkles this time of year, I love being surrounded by twinkling lights and playing with heart bokeh.


Gingerbread house door made with our left over Halloween candy.


Making out first gingerbread house, sans gingerbread and a whole lot of rice krispies and pretzels.


Little Eco's favorite winter wear.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Of course they are! and taking pictures on railroad tracks is one of my favorite things!

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and then, she {snapped}

Moving ......

There's a lot of sacrifices we make of our kids, and I have decided on a big one. 
I wanted them to grow up in a house and not have to move every 1-2 years. I wanted
them to be around family and play snow and all this means giving up another part of our
 lives. There won't be as many sunny days and humidity that makes my hair look nice.
We will move away for the friends they've known their whole lives to meet new ones.
They will start public school for the first time ( I'm more nervous then them) and I will start
 my own photography business. Even though I've been a professional photographer/photojournalist for 16 years,
having my own studio business will be a big change.

I know life will be better where we are going but this packing!!!!

So much stuff to fit in such a little truck, I've reach panic mode!

I'm putting all that scrap fabric to good use and color coding the boxes with patterned
 duck tape makes me smile.

And then I can't forget Christmas has to fit somewhere in between all of this.

{WW} : Holiday Window Shopping 2012

I love our annual window shopping excursion every Thanksgiving, such fun memories and the weather was absolutely perfect this time. I can't believe this might be our last. I wonder if we'll come back when the kids are older and walk around talking about when we lived here and run into a few old friends when we do and grab some ice cream at the local coffee shop.

Santa I hope you find your way to our new home in time for Christmas, we didn't put a forwarding address on those letters.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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