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Cabin Fever????

Not us! We are so thankful for the mild January we've been having allowing us to get out and explore, hope you're not feeling to boxed in where you live.

The sun is shining , the birds are out and the flowers are blooming.
I wonder if we should tell them it's winter?

Nope, it's toooooo pretty here!

These are all in our backyard right now!!!!

January Favorite Photo


I love her photo challenges it gives me a chance to put the focus on my kids, most of the  time I'm really, really tired after a long day photographing, editing and posting and the last thing I think of is taking fun pix of my kids. So thanks Paper Mama for reminding me to capture those special moments!

This weeks challenge: Favorite photo of January!
The challenge: All my photo challenges should be based around your children (pets are always welcome). Please share your favorite photo of January!
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I paint there for I am

........ learning!

and really, really messy and super hungry!

Sometimes I wonder if I should let them back in the house especially on those days they're covered in mud, paint or marshmallow and most of the time I do after a good hosing down then bundling up in some warm towels and new change of clothes followed by an awesome snack of homemade cookies I was baking while I watch the Peas created their masterpieces in the backyard from the kitchen window.

If you haven't checked out the beautiful artwork by artist/blogger Alisa Burke  she's fabulous! and creates incredible sketches with watercolor and sharpies, thanks for the inspiration!

Year of the Dragon Fun!

Stream and Luna made awesome masks on Friday to wear to the Children of the World Adoption and Relief Agency's annual Chinese New Year parade here in Fairhope.  The agency helps to find new homes here in the States for children all around the globe. I love seeing their smiling faces, the hugs and excitement and the Peas enjoyed catching the beads, candy and fortune cookies. 

It's just so much more than a parade it's a celebration of love for the kids and their families.

To follow up on learning about the Chinese New Year we learned about prehistoric dragons, reptiles and birds and found a few more really great crafts online to decorate our school room.

We found this great printable HERE and dragon crafts over at the Crafty Crow HERE.
And a neat food craft at the Almost Unschoolers blog HERE.

Happy New Year!

Photo Challenge: Feet

The Paper Mama has another great photo challenge:
This weeks challenge: Feet
The challenge: All my photo challenges should be based around your children (pets are always welcome). There should be some feet in there somewhere….

 40 little piggies - Orange Beach, Alabama 2011

I love little feet! 

And I especially love them laying on the beach when it's hot outside and they're covered in white sticky sand!

Wordless Weekend

The Peas have been on such a creative streak lately and I can't wait to share, see you back Monday!

One little, two little, three little teeth

How? That's what I'm still trying to figure out! How can three of my kids lose teeth on the same day? First was Eco but her's we knew was going to be pulled out at the dentist, it was kind of a big deal her first tooth and all. Then Zen decided since the tooth fairy was coming to visit his room that night (they share) he might just as well tie a string to his tooth wiggly tooth and have Stream assist him in pulling it out....they are brave! Luna thought well I have a loose tooth too so she pushed and pulled as she annoyed Stream who was trying to fall asleep in the bed next to her until finally it was out! By 9:30pm we officially had three teeth under the pillows waiting on the Tooth Fairy.

Luna's tooth fairy, fairy

Zen's tooth fairy pillow
Eco's tooth fairy pillow

Zen used the tooth pillow I had when I was little it must be 30+ years old now, Eco used a tooth fairy pillow I made recently and Luna used a tooth fairy fairy her Mimi got for her, everything seemed to be going well they fell asleep and I was getting ready to myself then Zen woke up, he woke Eco up, Eco got scared of the Tooth Fairy coming in her room she had to come sleep with me, it started to rain, Luna woke up from the noise, she woke Stream up who then yelled for Luna to go back to bed, I got maybe a 2 hour nap in after the sun came up and then I over heard Eco saying she was convinced that the Tooth Fairy was actually Mommy, even though I never left her side all night. So we decided that next time there will be a note on the front door asking the Tooth Fairy not to come in and to please leave any gifts or money on the porch so we can all get some sleep. 

Only 31 more teeth to go!

Self Portrait

Me and my ducklings
It's no secret Moms are so of the hardest working people on the planet and as one of those hard working Moms many times more than not I have to declare it bring your children to work day, though it's usually somewhere fun like a parade, concert, outdoor event or like when this photo was taken we were out on a feature hunt. My kiddos started coming to work with me even before they were born, they went from in my tummy, to a front carrier, to my back, to a stroller, then to a triple stroller, and finally on foot they are known as my little ducklings because of the way they follow behind me while I shoot. My ducklings have even appeared in a movie documentary that day I carried little Eco in her sling at 6 months and the others on our stroller while photographing that years Mardi Gras King and Queen. I love my kids and I love that they not only know Mommy has a job she enjoys but they tell me all the time that they never want to grow up and be a photographer because it's too much hard work. Yes some days are harder than others but my job also allows me to homeschool my kids and over the years not only teach them schoolwork but they have learned what going to "work" really is and as a result they are very respectful to adults especially here our little community but they are very loved here too, I am so proud of them!

Be sure to click on this button and visit the awesome women over at Rock the Shot.

Roller Rink or Bust!

Eco learning to skate 2010

We're heading to the skating rink tonight and it's officially the first time they'll all be on skates, wish us me luck!

We're World Guy Fans!!!!!

What would you do if you saw a giant world rolling down the street? I know what we'd do!

 First the kids would scream it's the World Guy!!!!!!! I'd slam on the brakes, pull off the highway (it was safe since there was a Police escort waiting for him), tell the kids to jump out of the car and say hello, we'd snap a few photos hop back in then we'd follow him for a couple miles jump back out of our car VW van run across the street to get his autograph, chat a few more minutes, find out his dogs name is nice then say goodbye and wish him safe travels.

Find out more about World Guy and his journey to bring awareness to Diabetes and get people out walking for better health HERE.

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Embrace the Camera

Took my littlest sweetie to her first concert, don't know how much she heard through her muffs but we had a blast!

Photo Challenge: White

Paper Mama:
This weeks challenge: White
The challenge: All my photo challenges should be based around your children (pets are always welcome). There should be white somewhere in the photo.

I love those eyes, that smile and her sweet ice cream covered face. 

Lava Lamp Love

I remember back in the early 80's going next door to my best friends house and in the basement on either side of the couch they had to giant blue lava lamps, I could stare at them for hours so when Stream decided to use some of her Christmas money on one I couldn't say no and just like me she watched with wonder as the lava floated up then back down. Nearly 30 years later they are still so cool!

I had to custom white balance the camera to capture the color of the lava lamp which is purple with pinkish red lava and so it turned the natural daylight in the room blue, the kitchen actually has white walls.

We had a great time on our field trip to the Fairhope History Museum the other day, I caught this shot of Eco looking down the 8ft hose pipe on the side of a vintage fire truck while we were there.

I'm a bit behind on editing photos but when I get around to it I'll post the how to on making a real arrow we learn while on our field trip.

Legos, Jewelry & boys

I've extended the Lego bracelet giveaway till the 31st!

Look what I made to match my outfit the other day, I'm pretty sure taking a shower in a tub full of Legos had something to do with it and I'm no stranger to sleeping with army men either were talking about the little green kind of course. That's just my life with one boy in the house how does anyone handle more than that?

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A couple days ago it was my Grandpa's birthday and since we don't live near and couldn't visit for his big day we tried to express how much we care and love him with this very special gift. 
It was quite a production literally using everything from math to theatre skills, so if you grew up like I did watching Bert and Ernie every morning you might recognize the similarities of the video to a segment they did on Sesame Street way back I used as my inspiration and with that the Peas would like to wish their Great-Papa a very Happy Birthday!

We hope you enjoy our video as much as we did making it.

(tech details: video shot using the Canon 5D Mark II and edited in iMovie)

You can also view it on youtube HERE.

Let the good times roll!

This year's Mardi Gras festivities started with the eating of the king cake at the girl's annual cookie party.

Stream found the baby is that good or bad? The one who finds it buys next years cake.

And we didn't have the heart turn our beautiful Christmas tree this year into mulch or a berm, not yet anyways, so in the spirit of Mardi Gras and all it's revelry our beloved tree has been re-purposed in the front garden adorn with beads the Peas caught over the weekend from their first parade of the season.

 Mardi Gras is can be exhausting! Just last year I photographed over 16 parades in less than 30 days and probably close to 150 over the past 11 years. There's so much walking, kicking beads and moonpies under the barracades, and getting lumps on the head. I must look like a 5"2" target from the top of the floats, it's so bad I'm actually considering wearing a bike helmet especially after the New Years Eve hit that almost knocked me out and poor Eco got hit a few times on her little noggin too and most of all who's going to come over and eat all these MoonPies?

 "Laissez les bons temps rouler"
(Let the good times roll)

and our French lessons begin!

Favorite Photo of 2011

This from Paper Mama :

This weeks challenge: Favorite photo from 2011
The challenge: All my photo challenges should be based around your children (pets are always welcome). So, I know I took about 1 million photos last year... but, I do have a few that are my favorite! What is your absolute favorite from last year?

My honorable mentions for the year:

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