{WW} Scenes From the Road Home

Spent Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve day on the road but we made it to our new home
 just in time to celebrate this festive holiday with friends and family and our new neighbors
who brought over a plate full of delicious cookies as soon as we walk in our front door!!

The snow is falling almost as fast as my kids on ice skates!!!!

Instagram moments

21 years ago I stopped in this same place and took a photo of this very train 

somewhere in ohio

Happy Holidays!!!!

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  1. It completely warms my soul that you have gone home. Surely don't want you to hate anything...just not healthy & you now how I am about healthy....well, I try to be. I feel it in my bones that you are where you are suppose to be & my friend that's not always an easy task to figure out. You tried it here...& 4 beauties came into your life. Happy Buffalo.

  2. Glad you made it home in time for the festive season. Merry Christmas



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