Moving ......

There's a lot of sacrifices we make of our kids, and I have decided on a big one. 
I wanted them to grow up in a house and not have to move every 1-2 years. I wanted
them to be around family and play snow and all this means giving up another part of our
 lives. There won't be as many sunny days and humidity that makes my hair look nice.
We will move away for the friends they've known their whole lives to meet new ones.
They will start public school for the first time ( I'm more nervous then them) and I will start
 my own photography business. Even though I've been a professional photographer/photojournalist for 16 years,
having my own studio business will be a big change.

I know life will be better where we are going but this packing!!!!

So much stuff to fit in such a little truck, I've reach panic mode!

I'm putting all that scrap fabric to good use and color coding the boxes with patterned
 duck tape makes me smile.

And then I can't forget Christmas has to fit somewhere in between all of this.


  1. wow busy time of year to be moving, best of luck to you and yorus!

  2. WOW! Big changes coming your way! Best of luck to you all!!! :)


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