Monday's Behind My Lens #7: Photographing Christmas tree lights

Christmas Trees are beautiful and we all want to capture those twinkling lights and we take out our camera snap off a few frames and it looks nothing like we envisioned. So here's a few tips to get you on the right path to beautiful Christmas tree  photos:

  • Set your camera on manual mode
  • grab a tripod or monopod to help with  lessening camera shake  will be using a slow shutter speed (grab that cable release if you want)
  • Place your camera at a high aperture f/8 or higher
  • set the ISO low somewhere between ISO 200-800 will do.
  • I usually auto focus  to pre-set the focus then switch the lens to manual so it doesn't get bumped out of focus, low light is difficult to focus under using a flash light on the subject will help the camera to focus then remove the flashlight before taking the photo.
  • Now snap! having a high aperture, with the slow shutter speed you’ll get lights that look twinkly and  your tree will be in focus! Add a kid or two and it's a beautiful memory.
Check out photographer Elizabeth Halford she has a great tutorial too! HERE

using the same technique  only adding a flash and a quick rotation of the camer (no tripod needed) and you can create a holiday photo like this:


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