{SH} : Sundays #21

It's been a crazy week, we are so thankful for so much, the streets here have come alive
 with holiday lights, I have 5 more holiday photo sessions left until we pack up 
the house for our big move North, like where they have snow and lots of it!

Home or Thankful

Every year the kids write on our school chalkboard what they're most thankful for that year.


The streets are aglow! It's officially the holiday season here.

In the Kitchen

My absolute favorite ice cream bowls and they're from Target!


These have to be the cutest shoes on the planet!


Our favorite craft of the year was bubble paint art, read full post HERE.

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and then, she {snapped}


  1. Love those trees! I love seeing all the bright lights this time of year...

  2. So jealous of your "Trees" shot - I really, really need to practice that technique more!!
    Love your whole series.

  3. That first shot for "thankful' makes my heart smile :)

  4. Sweet line-up this week. Your first shot reminds me of long ago days with my kids. Love your tree shot. Great line-up!!

  5. Great shots! Your trees photo is great. Im hoping to get out there this year to capture some beautiful scenes. This is great inspiration! And I'm curious to see what this bubble paint art is!

  6. oh my stars - I love those leggings on the little one! Where are you off to? I'm trying to talk my husbnad into moving to Montanta or S/N Dakota - so far - I'm hitting a wall with him!

  7. Those shoes are to die for (not literally - just figuratively!) Wonderful street capture with the lights.

  8. Very creative! The shoes are my favorite! So striking! I also love the mug shot - just beautiful!

  9. These are so great!!! The first one is super sweet - but I'm kind of in love with the trees picture! Great!

  10. Love the shoes, and the ice cream bowls! I'm feeling a little envious of your promise of snow, and lots of it. Enjoy your move!

  11. little feet... LOVE love! and bubbles.. fabulous!

  12. Beautiful shots. I love "trees" and "couple". That one made me smile.
    Great job!


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