{PF}: on cloud nine

We had such a wonderful week dressing up, collecting candy and see old friends
 but most of all I learned that it's not all about being #1.

Luna didn't win the costume contest, now I know I'm a bit partial because 
I'm her Mom and I spent a week taking her whimsical idea and making it into
one awesome costume.
Now I'll admit I was disappointed when they called her name for third place. 
But as I watched her standing infront of everyone wearing the biggest smile
and was so excited for the prize she received that
 I had to wonder why did I feel let down and disappointed?

Why was #1 all I cared about, then I realized this day is not about me,
I didn't make the costume to be rewarded. I made it to put a smile on her face
and that's exactly what it did and that's better than winning the lottery or first place any day.


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