{WW} : Postcards from America

So we joined in a 50 postcard swap, totally seemed like a great idea, right! The kids would
 learn about the other states and we would get to share some information about where we live.
 After I visited my 18 stores looking for postcards, I asked every friend and store clerk in town and we still can up empty handed.
It turns out postcards are becoming a thing of the past. Friends and family can send photos as they relax on the beach
or ride the Matterhorn at Disney, which is wonderful but at the same time sad. Another for of communication is going 
out like the pony express and maybe one day the postal service.

In the end we hand printed, glued and stamped all 50 of our postcards.

Everyday for the past 6 weeks they run out to the mailbox looking for postcards. We have 
received 21 to date, they hang on our back door so colorful, the kids stare at them dreaming of our next road trip.

I heard them talking about Kansas, I'm thing maybe Arizona or California.

(photos: iphone4 and processed with Florabella Colorplay actions)


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  1. Now that is one cool experiment!!! If they need South Carolina, I would be happy to mail them one.

  2. That is awesome! MA? I've got you covered. Also, the best place to get post cards is probably a flea market! They are like antiques!

  3. We have been having trouble finding TN postcards since we moved here, too! That was smart of you to make your own. I think we will do that, too!!! If you want to see our 50 states album, hop on over. http://homeschooljournal-bergblog.blogspot.com/search?q=50+states We are only missing Mississippi, New Jersey,Vermont and Wyoming.

    1. We're just 40 minutes from Mississippi next time we go I can pick one up and send it your way!

  4. How fun! You have the coolest ideas!! And the way you put this together is priceless.

  5. What a great activity children love to get mail for them

  6. if you want from NYC, write. there are lots of postcards here. Great idea!
    happy WW

  7. I was going to offer one from MI, but I see Michigan already came through. What a NEAT idea!!

  8. What a fun idea!


  9. Most people avoid Kansas but I had a great road trip there with a friend of mine. Lots of history.....arizona and california would win out :)Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. If you have time, stop by my site and say hello! :)

  10. That's so fun! I love that idea! And, my kids so love getting mail!

  11. A great idea! There are actual post card swaps where the participants do make their own cards to send. I have been part of a similar swap where the group swaps one card a month made on a specific theme... Maybe we are behind the times but I have seen post cards in dollar stores quite often and then of course thrift shops often have them too... I came over to see your blog, via Small Things... will try to visit again!

  12. What an awesome idea and experience for the kids ♥ Fabulous!

  13. So glad you have enjoyed our swap =-) It is fun to see how other people have collected their postcards =-)

    thanks for participating,
    Living Life Intentionally


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